Dog Waste Stations

Dog Waste Stations

The District maintains dozens of dog waste stations throughout the community. The stations are emptied and restocked by our landscape vendor on a weekly basis. If you notice a dog waste station that has been missed on the pickup schedule, or is overly full, please use our Report an Issue form to let us know. Dog stations in the newer areas are installed by the developer and serviced by the same vendor. The District has been installing approximately 10 additional dog waste stations per year, using volunteer resident labor to put them in during a Trails Day or Community Clean Up event.

Furry friend reminders

While enjoying the outdoors, please remember to keep your dog on a leash. Having your dog on a leash protects both your dog and the community, and it’s the law. The City of Aurora has a leash law. According to the ordinance, any dog leaving its property must be on a leash no longer than ten feet and held by a person that is physically able to handle the dog. Report violations to the City of Aurora:

Be a good neighbor and train your dog to use a non-turf area (like gravel) rather than someone’s front lawn when you’re out walking, because grass won’t grow where dogs go. Please be sure to pick up behind your dog. 

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