Trash Service

Waste Connections Denver

  • View the pickup schedule by entering your address on the Waste Connections Denver website.
  • You may also download the new WasteConnect app for your phone:
    iPhone version on the App store or Android version on the Play store.
  • Report a missed pickup or a broken container on the Waste Connections website.
  • Due to concerns for wildlife and community cleanliness, trash and recycling is required to be contained in the carts.
  • Along with your trash cart, you’re allowed to set out three bags of yard waste and three bundles of branches. Bundles of branches should measure no larger than 2′ wide and 4′ long.
  • Waste Connections offers bulk item pickup at an extra cost, which you can arrange by contacting their customer service. However, please note that you may still receive an invoice for excess trash from Waste Connections, regardless of whether you have pre-arranged the service or not.
  • If you need an additional trash container, you can opt for one at a cost of $4.00 per month, which will be billed directly to the homeowner.
  • To reach Waste Connections customer service, please call (303) 288-2100.
  • Schedules and individually billed services can also be accessed online at , once you set up your online account.
  • Read more about accepted recycling items on the Waste Connections Recycling Guide page.

New Residents

Waste Connections provides waste and recycling collection service to the community as part of your Inspiration Metropolitan District fees. 

  • Trash service every Wednesday
  • Recycling service every other Wednesday

Cart size is 96 gallons. You may opt for a smaller 64-gallon cart during the enrollment process.

If you have purchased a new build home, fill out the Trash Cart Request Form to arrange delivery of your trash and recycling carts.

If you have purchased a resale home, the prior owners may leave you the trash and recycling carts.

New residents may set out up to five black trash bags for pickup while waiting for your trash cart to be delivered, and cardboard should be broken down and bundled.

Trash in Common Areas

Trash pickup in the open areas is a community responsibility. The developer, developer’s landscaper, builder crews, and District’s landscaper pick up trash as part of community maintenance, but if a resident sees trash near their home, regardless of fault, we hope the resident will help care for their community by picking up the trash found in common areas. Once or twice a year, a community trash clean-up is organized by volunteers to help the District clean up large items or areas that have accumulated trash over time.

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