District-Owned Common Area Fence

The District maintains fencing adjacent to common areas and open space. The fence staining is done on the outside of the fence and the top of the fence. Homeowners are responsible for re-staining the inside portion of District-owned common area fencing, and are responsible for the entire upkeep and re-staining of fence that does not border common area. Homeowners are allowed to re-stain common area fencing on the outside and top if they do not want to wait for the District’s vendor to complete a specific area.

Do Not Attach Items to the Fence

The only exception for attaching things to the District-owned fence is for temporary holiday lighting, which must be attached using temporary means such as wreath hangers. No nails, hooks, screws or other hardware may be attached to the District fence. Homeowners are not permitted to insert gates or otherwise modify the fence.

Fence Stain Color

Approved fence stain color can be obtained at the Sherwin Williams paint store on East Smoky Hill Road by requesting the Inspiration fence stain, or at any paint store by using the Approved Fence Stain paint code. The District’s vendor can perform the work for you, call Jake Simcoe for pricing at 720-442-0563.

paint stain specifications

Installing a New Fence

The Residential Improvement Guidelines can be found on the Design Review page, along with the application form for a new project. Fence specifications are found in the guidelines document.

District Fence Maintenance Update

Approximately 3,000 linear feet of District-owned fence was re-stained between August-November 2021. Each year, more of the fence will be stained, based on what has been allocated in the District’s annual budget for this purpose. Approximately double this amount of fencing is slated to be re-stained in 2022. Fence repairs were performed in February 2022.