Snow & Ice Removal Responsibilities



Inspiration Metro District

Common area sidewalks and paths – 2″ depth or more

Areas adjacent to mailbox clusters – 1″ depth or more

City of Aurora

Streets (in priority order)


Brookfield / Newland

Common area sidewalks and paths

in areas not yet accepted into the District


Sidewalks adjacent to their property


Sidewalks adjacent to homes under construction

Hilltop Club Association

Hilltop Club sidewalks and parking lot

Scroll down to view contact information for the City of Aurora’s snow removal programs.

Metro District snow removal map for common area sidewalks and paths

Resource Links

Resource Links
Emergency help
City of Aurora
Public Works
If you have a medical condition and need special access during or after a snow storm, call the police non-emergency line at 303.627.3100. They will coordinate with Public Works to make sure your residence is accessible.
City of Aurora
Snow Removal Plan
Snow removal information including the city’s Snow Plan and Snow Maps.
Help with Shoveling
Snow Busters is an Aurora program designed to match volunteers with residents needed help to clear their sidewalks. To get free assistance, the resident must be 60 years or older, or physically challenged, with a qualifying low income level.
Report a Neighbor Violation
Access Aurora

How to report a property that has not been shoveled?

Contact Access Aurora at 303.739.7000 or file a complaint online.

Wait at least 24 hours from the last snowfall before reporting a violation.

City of Aurora
Streets Division

North-facing and shady areas on streets sometimes need attention.

Contact the Streets division at 303.326.8200 for any section of street that remains ice-packed or impassable after several days.