Director Dennis Colwell

Dennis Colwell

Term to May 2023

[email protected]

My wife Patty and I moved from CT to our home in Hilltop in August 2016. Moving to a new community provided many opportunities to meet new residents, and reflect on both the excitement and challenges as the Inspiration community grew. I decided to run for the Board seat that became available in November 2017, and was interviewed by a committee (along with several others) and appointed to the Board in February 2018.


As a Board member, I have found opportunities to utilize my broad financial background in both banking – financing, investing and regulatory compliance, as well as the CFO of a $7 million behavioral health nonprofit. Many of the skill sets from my nonprofit CFO role (7 years) have come in very handy and I continually use them as a Metro District Board member. Three examples include: 1) The creation of the Finance Committee with a primary focus on the community’s long term financial sustainability, 2) Development of the Reserve fund policy and 3) Partnering with fellow Board members to develop new strategies focused on ways to consistently become more resourceful and prioritize appropriate actions that allow us to do more with just enough or less.


My core values that I try to include in all resident and Board interactions are: Collaborative approach, Communication/active listening, Commitment to finding solutions that enhance our community, Compassion and Celebration of our continued progress with the mutual goal of long term sustainable community growth. I take pride in being a Board member and contributing to the work that the entire Board has accomplished over the last two years, and look forward to an opportunity to continue to serve.