Resolution Approving Service Plan, 2004-08-30
Resolution Declaring Inactive Status for District 1, 2014-03-04
Records Requests
Resolution Amended Restated Public Records Request Policy, 2020-01-05
Resolution Adopting Colorado Special District Records Retention Schedule, 2020-12-08
2023 Election Resolution
Fees, Fines & Collections
Resolution Concerning Imposition of an Operation Fee, 2020-11-10
Resolution Establishing Guidelines for the Collection of Delinquent Fees and Charges, 2021-03-09
Resolution Regarding Procedures and Penalties for Enforcement of the Governing Documents, 2019-04-16
Resolution Establishing a Capital Reserve, 2019-11-19
Resolution Concerning Imposition of an Outside User Fee, 2016-07-26
Resolution Concerning Imposition of Capital Facilities Fee, 2015-10-20
Resolution Designating Signatories on Bank Account, 2020-11-05
Resolution Regarding Process for Payment of Claims, 2020-05-01
Resolution Authorizing Temporary Suspension of Foreclosure Actions, 2020-12-08
Resolution Terminating Temporary Suspension of Foreclosure Actions, 2021-06-08
Resolution Adopting Budget, Imposing Mill Levy and Appropriating Funds, 2021-11-29
Board Meetings & Board of Directors
Resolution Designating Website for Meeting Notices and 24-hour Posting Location, 2023-01-10
Resolution Concerning Online Posting of Regular and Special Meetings 2020-01-14
Resolution Declaring Emergency Procedures Authorizing the Holding Meetings Telephonically, 2020-04-01
Resolution Extending Declaring Emergency Procedures Authorizing Holding Meetings Telephonically, 2020-05-02
Resolution Regarding Provision and Use of District Tablets by Directors, 2020-01-14
Resolution Appointing SARIA Board Representative, 2022-05-10
Resolution Establishing an Electronic Signature Policy, 2020-04-06
Resolution Providing for the Defense and Indemnification of Directors and Employees of the District, 2017-11-02
Resolution Establishing Conduct of Regular and Special Meetings Policy, 2019-08-13
Resolution Adopting Amended and Stated Residential Improvement Guidelines, 2021-05-11
Resolution Amending and Restating Common Area Committee Charter 2017-07-25
Resolution Amending and Restating Residential Improvement Committee Charter, 2020-01-02
Resolution Amending Restating Finance Committee Charter 2020-01-14
Resolution Creating the Social Committee and Appointing Members, 2019-04-16
Resolution Designating Design Review Authority to Residential Improvement Committee, 2019-08-13
Resolution Establishing Code of Conduct for Committee Members, 2019-01-15
Facilities & Landscaping
Resolution Adopting a Fence Maintenance Policy, 2019-08-22
Resolution Adopting Reservation Policy, 2018-08-21
Resolution Declaring Emergency Closures of Public Amenities, 2020-04-04
Resolution Regarding the Reopening of Public Amenities, 2020-06-01
Resolution Establishing Procedures for Acceptance of Underdrain Improvements, 2018-08-21
Resolution Adopting Rules and Regulations for Recreation Amenities, 2017-11-13
Resolution Regarding Initial Acceptance and Acquisition of Inspiration Club, 2017-11-06
Resolution Regarding the Tree Program, 2019-11-19
Resolution Establishing Tract Turnover Framework, 2021-03-09
Resolution Adopting District Fence and Common Area Rules 2023-06-13
Resolution Adopting Personal Data Privacy Policy, 2019-11-19
Resolution Regarding the District Email List, 2021-02-02
Resolution Adopting Video Recording Policy (Amended), 2022-07-12