Covenants & Guidelines


Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
Residential Improvement Guidelines for All Lots – updated version on the Design Review page


Governance Documents


Resolution Approving Service Plan, 2004-08-30
Resolution Declaring Inactive Status for District 1, 2014-03-04
Resolution of Directing Funds to Reserves
Resolution and Service Plan Amendment
Resolution of Adopting a Social Media Policy
2024 Annual Administrative Resolution
Resolution Concerning Online Notice of Public Meetings
Records Requests
Resolution Amended Restated Public Records Request Policy, 2020-01-05
Resolution Adopting Colorado Special District Records Retention Schedule, 2020-12-08
2023 Election Resolution
Fees, Fines & Collections
Resolution Concerning Imposition of an Operation Fee, 2020-11-10
Resolution Establishing Guidelines for the Collection of Delinquent Fees and Charges, 2021-03-09
Resolution Regarding Procedures and Penalties for Enforcement of the Governing Documents, 2019-04-16
Resolution Establishing a Capital Reserve, 2019-11-19
Resolution Concerning Imposition of an Outside User Fee, 2016-07-26
Amended Resolution Concerning Imposition of Capital Facilities Fee, 2023-10-10
Resolution Designating Signatories on Bank Account, 2020-11-05
Resolution Regarding Process for Payment of Claims, 2020-05-01
Resolution Authorizing Temporary Suspension of Foreclosure Actions, 2020-12-08
Resolution Terminating Temporary Suspension of Foreclosure Actions, 2021-06-08
Resolution Adopting Budget, Imposing Mill Levy and Appropriating Funds, 2021-11-29
Board Meetings & Board of Directors
Resolution Designating Website for Meeting Notices and 24-hour Posting Location, 2023-01-10
Resolution Concerning Online Posting of Regular and Special Meetings 2020-01-14
Resolution Declaring Emergency Procedures Authorizing the Holding Meetings Telephonically, 2020-04-01
Resolution Extending Declaring Emergency Procedures Authorizing Holding Meetings Telephonically, 2020-05-02
Resolution Regarding Provision and Use of District Tablets by Directors, 2020-01-14
Resolution Appointing SARIA Board Representative, 2022-05-10
Resolution Establishing an Electronic Signature Policy, 2020-04-06
Resolution Providing for the Defense and Indemnification of Directors and Employees of the District, 2017-11-02
Resolution Establishing Conduct of Regular and Special Meetings Policy, 2019-08-13
Resolution Dissolving Social Committee 2024-02-13
Spending Resolution for Board Liaisons to Committees 2024-03-12
Resolution Adopting Amended and Stated Residential Improvement Guidelines, 2021-05-11
Resolution Amending and Restating Common Area Committee Charter 2017-07-25
Resolution Amending and Restating Residential Improvement Committee Charter, 2020-01-02
Resolution Amending Restating Finance Committee Charter 2020-01-14
Resolution Creating the Social Committee and Appointing Members, 2019-04-16
Resolution Designating Design Review Authority to Residential Improvement Committee, 2019-08-13
Resolution Establishing Code of Conduct for Committee Members, 2019-01-15
Facilities & Landscaping
Resolution Adopting a Fence Maintenance Policy, 2019-08-22
Resolution Adopting Reservation Policy, 2018-08-21
Resolution Declaring Emergency Closures of Public Amenities, 2020-04-04
Resolution Regarding the Reopening of Public Amenities, 2020-06-01
Resolution Establishing Procedures for Acceptance of Underdrain Improvements, 2018-08-21
Resolution Adopting Rules and Regulations for Recreation Amenities, 2017-11-13
Resolution Regarding Initial Acceptance and Acquisition of Inspiration Club, 2017-11-06
Resolution Regarding the Tree Program, 2019-11-19
Resolution Establishing Tract Turnover Framework, 2021-03-09
Resolution Adopting District Fence and Common Area Rules 2023-06-13
Resolution Adopting Personal Data Privacy Policy, 2019-11-19
Resolution Regarding the District Email List, 2021-02-02
Resolution Adopting Video Recording Policy (Amended), 2022-07-12

SARIA (South Aurora Regional Improvement Authority)

Cooperative of Metro Districts in southeast Aurora created to finance regional transportation improvements

SARIA Presentation

Containing background information on purpose and transportation projects

ARI Organizing Document

From 2006, adding Inspiration (fka Rockinghorse) to the Aurora Regional Improvement Authority No. 1

Resolution Appointing SARIA Board Rep

Holly Svetz serves as the representative from the Inspiration Metropolitan District Board of Directors.