Report an Irrigation Issue

Broken sprinkler, drip line or other irrigation issue in the common area? Please let us know using the Report an Issue form. Tell us:

  • Location. The closest address is also helpful.
  • Description. Let us know whether it’s a sprinkler head, a drip line, or other issue.
  • Photo. Optional, helps the techs find the location quickly, especially if there’s a wide area view as well as close-up.

Often, we are able to send an irrigation technician to repair the issue on the same day, but this will vary given vendor staff schedules and replacement part inventory. Emergency after-hours service is only called in for large water leaks, as the cost of the service call is prohibitive.

If the irrigation issue occurs on a developer-owned area that has not yet been turned over for maintenance, District Management will communicate it to the correct person for them to take action.

Aurora Water-Wise Irrigation Class Notes – session held on 6/23/2022

Inspiration Water-Wise Class Notes

Irrigation Guide for Homeowners

The Common Area Committee has compiled a useful irrigation guide containing information specific to our neighborhood.

  • Irrigation System Components
  • Keeping an Eye on the Irrigation System
  • Controller Programming
  • Problem Solving
  • Winterization and Spring Start-Up
  • City of Aurora Resources

Water Conservation

The District is working with Aurora Water on a large initiative to reduce our water consumption. Detailed information will be posted on this page to keep everyone up-to-date.