May 2022

The new play structure design has been finalized using community feedback. One side is geared toward younger kids, there are lots of climbing features. There are no wild colors and the slides are a light color to keep from getting too hot.

There will be some minor differences from these mock-up photos:

– Swing bay will contain two belt swings on one side, the other side will have a baby swing and an ADA swing.

– Monkey bars (“trapezoidal loop ladder”) and swing bay materials may be a different color than what’s shown in the stock photos below.

Installation will be scheduled some time in the autumn. The existing playground will be removed, there will be about a week’s time when the playground is not open.

Thanks to those who provided feedback in our community survey!




March/April 2022

The Common Area Committee and Board of Directors invite residents to help us select the best new playstructure option for Pathfinder Park. Our existing structure is approaching its scheduled end of useful life and we will need to replace it to keep passing future playground inspections in the coming years.

The four proposed options are linked below.

Playstructure Option 1  Light green and tan

Playstructure Option 2  Blue and yellow, plus monkey bars

Playstructure Option 3  Orange, yellow and blue

Playstructure Option 4  Dark green and beige

  • Click the PDF link to review each option.
  • Email us with any questions.
  • Submit your vote using the survey link button in your email newsletter.

Thanks for your input!