The District is funded with both property taxes and quarterly fees. A basic breakdown of the District services which are funded with the property taxes and ongoing quarterly fees is set forth below.

District property taxes are primarily used to pay for:

  • Scheduled annual payment of bond obligations that were issued to pay for the construction of public infrastructure, including roads, water, sewer, landscaping, the community garden, and the community pool
  • Administrative costs including legal, accounting, County fees, election expenses, annual compliance, and audit services related to governmental operations
  • Insurance
  • Any remaining tax revenues are then used for the services below

District ongoing quarterly fees are used to pay for the operations, services and facilities of the District, including:

  • Landscaping maintenance and new installation
  • Utilities; water irrigation and electricity in common areas and resident trash collection
  • District-owned common area irrigation systems operation and maintenance
  • Facilities upkeep and staffing (Inspiration Club swimming pool), monuments, retaining walls, fences etc.
  • Management services related to the provision of services
  • Architectural design review and covenant enforcement services
  • Resident engagement, communications and events programming

Please note, if you are a resident in the Hilltop 55+ at Inspiration portion of the community, the Hilltop Club Association is funded through a separate quarterly assessment to cover their expenses. Questions related to the assessments imposed by the Hilltop Club Association can be directed via email to [email protected].

For a full detailed accounting of the District’s revenues and expenses, please see the 2022 Budget.