Water-Wise Landscaping

Landscape Award Winners Announced

2023 Aurora Water-Wise Landscape Award

Aurora Water recently announced their three water-wise winners for the annual Water-wise Landscape Award. This award recognizes customers who are committed to conserving Aurora’s water resources by installing a low-water landscape.

Inspiration residents Thomas and Kathie Olmsted won first place in this year’s city-wide contest. Jon Doyle, also an Inspiration resident, was one of the winners in 2022. To view information about the program, visit AuroraGov.org/LandscapeAward. Congratulations to the winners!

Photos of water-wise landscaping in Inspiration

The Residential Improvement Guidelines Committee welcomes design review applications that incorporate water-wise plantings and materials, in both new installations and replacement designs.

Olmstead landscaping photo 1
Olmsted landscaping photo 4
Olmsted landscaping photo 2
Olmsted landscaping photo 2