Program is on pause - no applications in 2023

The program may resume once more filings are completed and turned over to the District. The Board will make a decision about 2024 at a later date.


The Adopt-a-Tree program allows homeowners to sponsor placement of a new tree in a section of common area that does not have a tree.

  • Our landscaping vendor installs the tree, making sure it has irrigation, and warranties the tree.
  • Sign up begins in March, with an application deadline of April 15th so that new trees may be ordered in time.
  • Planting is done later in the season once the trees have arrived.
  • Pricing and selection vary each year.

Email the completed application to [email protected]

Adopt a Tree Information & Pricing – 2022

All pricing includes: 

Deciduous Evergreen
One time stake removal One time stake removal
Aphid & mite spray – 2x per year for 5 years IPS Beetle Spray – 2x/year for 5 years
Tree wrap and tree wrap removal – 1x for 4 years Deep root fertilization – 1x per year for 5 years
Deep root fertilization – 1x per year for 5 years

*Price does not include irrigation installation.  Irrigation price will be unique to the planting area and requires a site visit.


Tree Name Type Stock Size Price Image
Crimson Sunset Maple Deciduous 2″ trunk $1,264.89*
Glenleven Linden Deciduous 2″ trunk $1,252.32*
Kentucky Coffee Deciduous 2″ trunk $1,252.96*
Swamp White Oak Deciduous 2″ trunk $1,272.10*
Pinion Pine Evergreen 6′ tall $876.48*
Ponderosa Pine Evergreen 6′ tall $949.98*
Colorado Spruce Evergreen 6′ tall $890.56*