Design Review

Architectural Design Review Process

You must receive written approval from the District in advance to proceed with exterior improvements of your home.

Once you receive District approval, it does not constitute approval of the local building department and/or any other governmental regulations and laws, and you may be required to obtain a building permit. Once you receive written approval, you must complete the project within 6 months. The District representative acting on behalf of the District may enter onto your property for exterior inspection at a mutually agreed upon time. As stated in the Covenants and Restrictions and the Residential Improvement Guidelines for all Lots, requests will be reviewed within 45 days of submission.

Review the Residential Improvement Guidelines

Read the latest copy of the Residential Improvement Guidelines so you know what is and isn’t permitted. They may have changed since you last read them. These guidelines were created by the Resident Improvement Guidelines Committee (RIGC). This committee of resident volunteers reviews all ARC applications for any exterior home changes or modifications (as outlined in the RIGC Charter).

Contact Information

Architectural Design Review and Covenant Enforcement are provided by AMI HOA. Contact Sharon Sulzle with questions – email [email protected] or call (303) 351-5411.

Approval is REQUIRED for modifications on the exterior of your home or landscaping. Remember to submit a Completion Form when your project is done.

Prepare your complete submission

Here are the items you will need to gather:

  • An official plot plan – see Plot Plan Instructions to obtain an electronic version.
  • An overlay drawing on your plot plan that demonstrates where the improvements will be installed on your lot, with dimensions and distances from property lines.
  • Pictures of products and location. Include sample images of products and materials that will be used, as well as pictures of where the improvement will be installed on your home. Your goal is to take the image in your head and recreate it on paper (or digitally) for the Committee, so they understand how the finished product will look.
  • Detailed descriptions. Include details of plant/tree species, colors and/or materials that will be used.

Use our online form to submit your ARC Design Review application.
Or use the fillable, printable version and submit via email.

Set realistic expectations for its approval. Once you fill in the application and upload the above-mentioned items, it will be routed to the RIC for review and voting. They have up to 45 days to submit their vote, but it can occur much sooner with a complete submission.

Completion Form

Once your project is approved, you will have 6 months to complete it.

When you finish, let us know by completing an online Design Review Completion Form

Paint Colors

Paint Colors By Builder

Home colors must be from the pre-approved builder exterior home colors listed below. Coloring cannot be utilized by a home across or next to you within 4 homes.

CalAtlantic – same as Lennar

David Weekley – Inspiration Exterior Colors

Meritage – Inspiration Exterior Paint

Lennar – Inspiration Exterior Paint

Richmond – Inspiration Exterior Paint

Standard Pacific Exterior Touch-Up Paint Colors or choose from other builder palettes

Toll Brothers Exterior Color Selections_Phase 1

Toll Brothers Exterior Color Selections_Phase 2 _ 3