Inspiration Club Shade Pavilion

Inspiration Club is the hub of activity at Inspiration. Feel the energy and connect with the community at the all-ages pool and kids’ splash zone, pavilion with BBQ grill, and playground. We also have a large event lawn for outdoor concerts, celebrations and just about anything else you or our Social Committee can dream up.


23392 E Glidden Drive


10AM - 8PM during pool season
6AM - 10PM Oct - May

Shade Pavilion and BBQ Grill

Get out of the sun beneath the shade structure. There are 3 round tables with a total of 12 chairs in the pavilion area. The pavilion area is first-come, first-serve on the weekends (Friday night through Sunday) during pool season, no reservations are allowed on summer weekends. It may be reserved for groups on weekdays and weeknights. When it is not pool season, the fence is moved to make the pavilion accessible outside of the pool.

The BBQ grill is open to everyone at all times that the pavilion is open, it may not be reserved. Open the doors beneath the grill to make sure the yellow valve is in the horizontal (on) position, parallel to the gas pipe. The fire pit has been intentionally disabled by management for safety reasons. A stone top was installed in 2022.