Watering Hole NAC

Watering Hole NAC

While The Watering Hole is named for the splash stream that serves as its focal point, it could have just as easily been named “Pizza Oven Park”. A serene environment to enjoy with friends and family.

Watering Hole


8753 S Sicily Ct


5AM – 10PM

Park Feature - Pizza Oven

A gas-fired pizza oven lets you cook your own pizza creations outdoors.

Instructions: The timer dial needs to be on, it’s located on a post ten feet north of the oven (just off the corner of the shelter). If the timer is not on, the gas will not flow. There are two red on/off buttons in front of the oven that must be turned on and there is a temperature dial also on the front of the oven.

The pizza paddle is usually found next to the oven.


The pizza oven was returned to service on July 14th, 2022. Security camera footage will only be reviewed if an incident is reported to management.

Pizza oven