Parking and Traffic


Enforcement of parking and traffic violations is performed by the City of Aurora. Parking enforcement is not performed by the District, as our streets are under the jurisdiction of the City of Aurora. To report vehicles that violate parking ordinances that apply to city streets:

          Access Aurora

Allow a minimum of 5 feet from a driveway and 15 feet from a fire hydrant. License plates must not be expired. Vehicles may not remain parked on the street longer than a week. View the Parking Policies for the City of Aurora. The city policy is: Don’t leave your vehicle parked too long in one space on the street: three days if the vehicle does not work or has expired license places, five days if it is a motorhome or RV, seven days if it works properly, or longer if it’s parked directly in front of your residence. It’s prohibited to park extending onto the sidewalk, even in your own driveway.

Covenants & Restrictions

See the CC&Rs document, “3.4 Parking”.

As a courtesy, residents and guests should not park in front of a neighbor’s home except on a temporary basis and are encouraged to only park in garages and driveways. Parking enforcement is not performed by the District, as our streets are under the jurisdiction of the City of Aurora. Please use the contact information above to report parking violations to the City of Aurora.

Commercial Vehicles

Parking of commercial vehicles in Inspiration, except on a temporary basis to provide services, is generally not permitted. If commercial signs can be covered with magnetic panels or vehicle covers, commercial vehicles may be permitted. No vehicle over seven thousand (7,000) pounds may be parked on any city street.

Recreational vehicles

RVs and trailers may remain parked for seventy-two (72) hours for loading, unloading, and preparing for storage.

Aurora Public Works

Traffic Concerns

For specific traffic concerns, please report incidents to  Access Aurora online or call 303.739.7000.

For general inquiries regarding traffic control devices such as signs, traffic signals, roundabouts, crosswalks, and pavement markings, contact the city’s Traffic Engineering department at 303.739.7300.

To report non-emergency traffic concerns, such as speeding or reckless driving, select the Police Traffic Division from the Access Aurora menu.